Best 1K PUR Adhesive Suppliers in Bangladesh


When it comes to bonding various materials together, finding the right adhesive can make all the difference. One such adhesive that has gained popularity in recent years is 1k PUR adhesive, also known as 1k PUR glue. But what exactly is 1k PUR adhesive, and how does it work? In this article, we will delve into the world of 1k PUR adhesive, exploring its composition, applications, and benefits. So, let’s get started!

What is 1k PUR Adhesive?

1k PUR adhesive, which stands for one-component polyurethane reactive adhesive, is a powerful bonding agent widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, woodworking, and more. It is a single-component adhesive, meaning it does not require mixing with other components before use. This makes it incredibly convenient and user-friendly.

How Does 1k PUR Adhesive Work?

1k PUR adhesive works through a process called crosslinking. As the adhesive is applied to the surface, it reacts with moisture in the air, triggering a chemical reaction that results in the formation of strong bonds. This curing process typically takes a few hours, but the exact time may vary depending on factors such as temperature and humidity.

Applications of 1k PUR Adhesive

1k PUR adhesive finds applications in various industries due to its excellent bonding properties. Here are some common uses:

Woodworking and Furniture Construction

1k PUR adhesive is ideal for bonding wood materials such as plywood, particleboard, and solid wood. It provides high-strength, durable bonds that can withstand the stresses and strains often encountered in furniture construction and woodworking.

Automotive and Transportation

In the automotive industry, 1k PUR adhesive is used for structural bonding, particularly in body panel assembly and interior component bonding. Its ability to provide strong bonds and resistance to environmental factors make it a preferred choice for automotive manufacturers.

Construction and Building

When it comes to construction, 1k PUR adhesive is a versatile bonding solution. It is commonly used for installing flooring, bonding insulation materials, and joining structural elements. Its durability and resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations make it suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Marine and Aerospace

1k PUR adhesive’s ability to withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions makes it a popular choice in the marine and aerospace industries. It is used for bonding composite materials, sealing joints, and securing various components.

1K PUR Adhesive Suppliers in Bangladesh

Among the other adhesives in Bangladesh, 1K Pur adhesive has a biggest market share in the adhesive industry in Bangladesh. There are lot of locale 1K PUR adhesive supplier you can found, but they are hardly trustworthy. However, I will explain some of the renowned 1K PUR adhesive supplier that you can trust upon them for your professional adhesive solution.

  1. Speed 1K PUR Adhesive: Speed is a product of Rinomas Bangladesh Ltd. – a renowned adhesive manufacture of Bangladesh. Let’s take a look at the highlighted feature of the Speed 1K PUR adhesive.
  • Features of Speed 1K PUR Adhesive:
    • Extremely tough
    • Takes 20 min to bond
    • Good resistance to solvents
    • High cohesive strength
    • Good impact resistance
    • Good abrasion resistance

  • Advantage of using Speed 1K PUR Adhesive:
    • Offer a good blend of cohesive strength and flexibility
    • Speed bond well to most of the surfaces (need to add primer in somecases )
    • A multipurpose adhesive suitable for wood, plastic, concrete and marine surfaces.
    • Ensure a Better strength both low and high temperature (Upto 150°C for long exposure)

2. Sticky 1K Pur Adhesive:

  • Features:
    • Sticky 1k Pur uses for joining wood to wood, board to board.
    • It makes join within 20 minutes. 

3. Fevical 1K Pur Adhesive

  • Features:
    • Excellent boiling water resistance confirms to DIN EN 204/D4 standard
    • Fast setting, handling strength in just 30 minutes
    • Curing is accompanied by foaming, this serves as a gap filler to accommodate any irregularities in the substrates.
    • Easy to sand & clear glue line

Benefits of 1k PUR Adhesive

1k PUR adhesive offers several advantages over other adhesives, making it a preferred choice for many applications. Here are some key benefits:

  • High Strength: 1k PUR adhesive creates strong bonds that can withstand substantial loads and forces.
  • Flexibility: It remains flexible after curing, allowing for the natural movements of bonded materials without compromising the bond.
  • Water and Moisture Resistance: 1k PUR adhesive has excellent resistance to water and moisture, making it suitable for both interior and exterior applications.
  • Temperature Resistance: It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, ensuring the bonds remain strong even in extreme conditions.
  • Versatility: 1k PUR adhesive is compatible with a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and concrete, offering versatility in various applications.


In conclusion, 1k PUR adhesive is a powerful bonding agent that offers numerous benefits for a wide range of industries. Its ability to provide strong, durable bonds, along with its versatility and resistance to environmental factors, make it a popular choice among professionals. Whether you are a woodworker, an automotive manufacturer, or involved in construction, 1k PUR adhesive is definitely worth considering for your bonding needs. So, give it a try and experience the strength and reliability of this remarkable adhesive!

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